Sunday, November 2, 2008

3.Cardinal Numbers: 1-10

Hello people, it's that time again, what time? Well time to STUDY, so let's bite straight in to this smelly chunk of cheese.

Cardinal Numbers: 1-10

s: 1-10

Here are the numbers 1-10:

  • 1. uno
    2. dos
    3. tres
    4. cuatro
    5. cinco
    6. seis
    7. siete
    8. ocho
    9. nueve
    10. diez

The number "one" changes from "uno" to "un" before a masculine noun.

  • un libro
    one book

    un perro
    one dog (male)

    un hombre
    one man

The number "one" changes from "uno" to "una" before a feminine noun.

  • una pluma
    one pen

    una gata
    one cat (female)

    una chica
    one girl

When counting generically (one, two, three ...) use "uno" but when counting specifically (one cat, one dog), use "un" or "una."

un libro
one book

una pluma
one pen

uno, dos, tres

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